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Live and Interactive Online Art Classes For Children

lighthouseArt Wizards is a fine art drawing program for elementary age students. We teach after school and summer drawing classes, and also offer drawing classes for special events. Your child can attend our classes from anywhere in the world where you have Internet access. English is the language used in our interactive art classes.

Our classes were created for children in grades 1 to 6, they but have been enjoyed by many older students and parents as well.

Our curriculum was developed by Ilene Adler, Ph.D., an educational psychologist who is also a professional artist and sculptor. With her wide range of experience, she was able to see clearly what children need to understand in order to draw and paint realistically, and to enjoy the learning process.

When a child first looks at a scene, object or photo, the first impression will be color, texture or some other overall impression. The thought of drawing it can be overwhelming because they have no idea at all where to start. Without a plan and some basic understanding, they will likely give up in frustration. But start them off right, and they’ll gain all the academic benefits that drawing offers. And, they’ll have a lifetime of enjoyment.

Art Wizard lesson themes include birds and animals of all kinds, people and landscapes, mythical creatures and favorite movie and cartoon characters. We teach our students the best ways to use chalk and oil pastel, watercolor, colored pencils and markers. We also teach them what and how to practice so their progress continues.

For our online classes, your child will need paper, pencil, and an eraser. Crayons, markers and/or colored pencils would also be helpful. We’ve discounted our regular tuition, and hope you’ll also consider acquiring some chalk and oil pastels. We recommend Sargent pastels as they are inexpensive, readily available online, and quite good quality.

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